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Fire Damage Restoration

Recently, J&R Contracting heard about a house fire affecting a neighbor in our backyard. We sent a services responder over to see if we could help with restoration. When the J&R employee arrived, the fire department was on scene; however, the homeowners had been unable to reach their insurance agent and were unsure about how to proceed to salvage their possessions. Their most prized possessions were the thousands of photographs of their grandchildren and family members, and they were despondent thinking they were lost forever.

J&R took immediate action to secure the property and quickly removed the photographs and other contents from the home.

The sense of urgency the J&R Contracting team showed in their response, regardless of the fact that the homeowners had still been unable to get in touch with their insurance company, resulted in the complete restoration of all the homeowner’s thousands of photographs. The final outcome was a very happy customer and a very thankful insurance agent!

What sets J&R Contracting apart in the restoration service business is compassion. The J&R team truly cares about each person and works every day through every disaster to show it.

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