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Pipes break, sinks and toilets overflow, water appliances fail, drains back up, sump pumps stop working, and roofs and exteriors leak. Thankfully J&R Contracting offers water damage restoration services with mitigation expertise, experience, and equipment to contain, treat, and restore every type of water damage.

Each of the above scenarios requires an emergency restoration service and effective response to both mitigate current damages and to prevent further water damage from occurring. However, before moving forward in the process, a proper analysis of the situation must be completed and an appropriate action plan must be developed. J&R crews are experienced in estimating and all mitigation processes for the various materials found in water damaged homes. This experience allows for quick and proper water damage restoration without wasting valuable time, resources, and money.

Our ability and methods employed to extract water and dry materials utilizing the most efficient state of the art mitigation equipment provide drying times that are the fastest in the water damage restoration industry. Utilizing high efficiency dehumidification allows us to restore water damage loss for much less cost and for less time than the typical standard slow dry process, used by our competitors, that usually will require extensive tear out and expense, not to mention the burden placed on the homeowner or business in terms of time.

Water damages can occur from the following scenarios:

  • Pipe Leaks-Pipes corrode and eventually fail, fittings come apart, pipes and components can burst from freezing.
  • Sink and Toilet Overflow- Whether from being plugged or not working properly.
  • Appliance Failure- Water supply lines to appliances can break or other components in dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters, or washing machines may fail.
  • Drain and sump pump failures- These typically occur in flooding situations unbeknownst to homeowners that may be away from the home.
  • Roof and Exterior Leaks- This can be due to a roof or building envelope component failures or from a severe weather event.

In any of these scenarios, the water damage restoration is extremely important to mitigate and repair thoroughly. Drying must occur quickly in order to prevent the growth of mold. If potential mold does occur, our specialists are able to assist in determining the best course of action moving forward. Call J&R today to find out more about our in-depth restoration services.

Structural and Mechanical Restoration

As an all-inclusive disaster solution, we offer structural and mechanical restoration.


Utilizing various deodorizing chambers, the deodorization process allows even heavily odor-impregnated contents to be removed from the home and be restored to usable condition.

Commercial Restoration

We want your revenue generation up and running so you can get back to work as soon as possible. Our “Back-in-Business” service program works quickly to restore your property.

Industrial Restoration

We provide on location restoration work, bringing cleaning equipment to the building and when possible clean while machine is in use to avoid disruption of production.