• Servicing Toledo and Surrounding Areas

Property Inspection: Your Account Manager will introduce themself, our company, and the claim process to you. They will also inspect the damages at your property. All damages will be noted, photographed, and documented in order for a repair estimate to be prepared. 

Estimate: Your Account Manager will review their notes from their visit to your property and complete the process of writing-up and submitting an official estimate to you or your insurance company. Your Customer Service Advocate or your Account Manager will connect with you to ensure you and/or your insurance company received the estimate, and at that point will be able to discuss any questions, concerns, or thoughts you may have.

Insurance Company Estimate Review: Your Insurance Company will need some time to evaluate and reconcile the estimate. Your Customer Service Advocate will proactively track the status of this review process and provide you with regular feedback and updates.

Change Orders/Revisions and Approval: Upon reviewing the repairs to be completed at your property, there may be additional work or changes that need to be considered and made to be approved by you or the insurance company. Your Account Manager will create an estimate for these additional repairs if necessary or if requested. Written Approval/Denial of these changes will be needed before proceeding.

Selections Process & Deposit Payments: Your Customer Service Advocate and our production team will begin communicating with you to determine product selections based on the extent of the necessary repairs. Upon finalizing your product selections and we obtain all necessary deposits; our production team will update you with an approximate beginning of repairs.

Production Scheduling: This is the point you will begin working with our re-construction team. Restoration projects are extremely unique and unlike any other construction project, causing scheduling to be extremely challenging. Please know that our team pledges to proactively communicate with you to ensure we are always on the same page and that our re-construction team is working as efficiently as possible.

Review Completed Repairs: For larger projects, we will schedule an on-site meeting with you and either your Account Manager, Project Manager, or a member of our production team. During this meeting, we will complete a property walk through and determine if there are any final items that need to be completed. These items will be noted and scheduled to be completed as soon as possible.

Certificate of Satisfaction: Our goal is to be an exceptional company and exceed your expectations! Upon the completion of repairs, we ask that you sign a Certificate of Satisfaction. This will then be submitted to your insurance company in order for final payment to be disbursed. Once this is submitted to your insurance company, we will submit the final invoice to you, which will update you of your account standing and payments received from your insurance company.